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  • "The Fox" a romantic comedy by Aura Conte
    Brian “the Irish fox” McNamara is one of the most charming bachelors in the state of New York, with just one flaw. Emma Abbott is a photographer, the second child of two lawyers and she has a thing for putting herself in awkward situations. During...   Read More  >

  • Detecting Liars
    Tired of being lied to? Now you have a resource to help you determine if someone may be lying to you. "Detecting Liars" covers such indicators as simple body movements, vocal tone, word and phrase usage, eye shift, Mean Length of Utterances (MLU),...   Read More  >

  • Three Kinds Of Love
    Diane Lane is a beautiful police detective with a high libido and sexual tolerance, with a promiscuous attitude.   Read More  >

    Josephine Michelle Brewer was from a small town in Maine. Where she lived there for many years and then as she grew. Josie got so sick of small town life and the life she had been forced to live. Josie’s life had been full of heartache and baggage....   Read More  >

  • New Novel 'Finding Bartholomew'
    Finding Bartholomew is an edgy, fantastical and erotic romp through the challenges of the modern family, love and relationships.   Read More  >

  • Dead Obsession
    Standing behind him, she wished he could see her as she ran her dainty fingers through his long, salt and pepper hair. To her delight, his hair was remarkably soft. Even though he didn’t respond to her touch, she continued playing with his locks....   Read More  >

  • Gracie's Story: Fighting to Survive Breast Cancer
    Brave Breast Cancer Survivor Reveals Her True, Inspiring Story In A Personal Memoir! Despite the fact that breast cancer has a better survival rate than many other forms of the disease, being diagnosed with it is utterly terrifying. There are no guarantees...   Read More  >

  • When a man like Declan Pearse wants you, the only thing you can do is give in to his every desire...
    Charlotte "Charlie" Flynn never gave much thought to need. She wanted mostly to keep her head down and do her job. It had never crossed her mind that she deserved to be happy or loved and wanted - by a man. A second date with someone interesting was about...   Read More  >

  • Shattered Peace
    Therana is the daughter of the emperor in the year 2820. She lives a fun and quiet life, but when the known scientist Thomas Oram goes rogue and steals a device for interdimensional travel, she volunteers to get it back. Together with her uncle Seyn,...   Read More  >

  • Death Row Apocalypse
    USA's most lethal Serial Killer, trapped on death row exercises his talents while battling his way through a zombie infested prison.   Read More  >

  • Echoes in the Darkness
    The Jago Legacy Series, Book Two   Read More  >

  • Tempestatem By Nishant
    The story hovers around the protagonist – Gale Storm, who’s forced into a different world. What makes for the interesting part is that Gale was never really someone ‘chosen’. He just happened to be there when the choice was made. The characters...   Read More  >

  • Positive Thinking is the Best Strategy
    No one wants to go through a trauma or tragedy, but have you ever witnessed an event or looked at someone who had lost a limb or something equally  horrible and thought to yourself, “I could never get through that, I would kill myself first”. If...   Read More  >

  • From Movie Addict to Film Critic
    Film Stars! Dancing! Popcorn! At last, a life story with everything but the fun movie stuff edited out.   Read More  >

  • Fables from the Magic Tunnel
    Fables from the Magic Tunnel trilogies are captivating; mysterious visionary fiction that takes place on Earth, and you will learn what is takes to be human in 2295 A.D. Learn how life has changed for each child in the 23rd Century, as you experience...   Read More  >

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