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  • Seed of Evil: An Ancient Evil Rises
    In the year 2147, a discovery is made below the surface of Mars that could change the very nature of our existence. But when Earth loses contact with the Colony, a team of Marines is sent to investigate and secure it. Do they have what it takes to...   Read More  >

  • Books About Mermaids Trending in 2014
    Books about mermaids may not have been all that plentiful in the past, but suddenly, for some reason, mermaids seem to be trending in 2014. Charm Baker, newly published author of a book about mermaids; knows exactly what prompted her to create her first...   Read More  >

  • Free Versus Paid ISBN: Dilemma for Authors with New Book Titles
    When freelance writers begin the undertaking of writing their first book, there is much to learn on the road to authorship. There is also plenty to worry about along the way; every day is a new challenge. Book covers, interior pages and other “technical...   Read More  >

  • AdMan by Earle Levenstein
    An excerpt from Earle Levenstein's debut novel AdMan   Read More  >

  • The Demon Rolmar
    Looking for a new sci-fi adventure? Then look no further. Get ready to meet Rolmar, an all-powerful demon bent on destroying the Earth! This incredibly lethal alien is ready to rid the world of its inhabitants, but he’s also curious about humanity itself....   Read More  >

  • Choices
    Anyone who has gone through high school will tell you that it is only after you have left, that you can actually look at it as a wonderful time in your life. While you are there, you are mostly just trying to survive it. High school is the beginning of...   Read More  >

  • The 90 Day Transition Secret: From Employee to Entrepreneur Millionaire
    Larry McIntire, writes from his own experience as a former automotive painter that decided he wanted more out of life, wanted to add value to the world, and wanted to increase his income without limitations. He shares how he had to overcome doubt, fears,...   Read More  >

  • South Korean Actor Won Bin, Inspired American Author to Write Book
    "Won Bin was able to convey strength and toughness with a palpable sense of innocence and vulnerability."   Read More  >

  • Na Bolom: House of the Jaguar
    Paleontologist Peter Campbell is content living among his dinosaur fossils in the basement of the Denver Museum until his girlfriend, Jazmin Rivera, goes missing. When he races to southern Mexico to find her, he becomes the unwitting apprentice of Chan,...   Read More  >

  • "L.A. Lower Arkansas"
    A book "L.A. Lower Arkansas" Published by Arkansas Author K.W. Hoffman was published on 8-6-13 and is available in paperback and Ebook at Amazon and other major Ebook locations.   Read More  >

  • The Plundering of NASA: an Exposé
    How pork barrel politics harm American spaceflight leadership. Also what can be done to fix the problem.   Read More  >

  • Selection from "My conversations with God"
    This is a small selection from my new book "My conversations with God" this is a biblical perspective on how God wants us to view and get through the trials of life.   Read More  >

  • Second Chance Hero
    'He owns me. Completely, irrevocably. He always has. My heart, body and soul belong to this man and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just hope I'm not too late...'   Read More  >

  • ZomoSapienS
    People say it’s not easy being a teenager. People have no idea how hard it really is to be a teenager, especially a teenager with a background like mine. The day of my parents’ first meeting and my conception was bloody and violent.   Read More  >

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