Do I have to register to use the site?

You only have to register, if you're planning to submit articles or other materials or to save items to your Favorites page.

Can I copy the articles on akgmag.com and use them?

DO NOT copy any article or other post, unless the accompanying CC License at the end of each post or the author of the post permits you to do so. All articles and other materials on the site are owned by their copyright holders.

For more information about any article or other post, including copyright, please contact the writer directly through the link provided in his or her profile.


How are 'views' of each post computed?

Each time the article is viewed, the count is incremented. Only one view per article per visitor is counted.

Every day the top 100 articles are ranked based on the views count mentioned above.




Important: Always compose your submission as a simple text file first and then copy and paste it into the form on the website.

That way, if anything goes wrong (power outage, browser glitch etc.), you won't lose your work.


Can I submit an article in order to promote my products?

Our site is focused on promoting authors and freelance writers. Articles promoting items like 'motor oil' for example, or articles that contain sales pitches for mortgage companies will NOT be accepted.

In other words, unless you're promoting your work as an author or freelance writer, we will not accept your submissions. (Artists, photographers and graphic artists are also welcome to promote their services on akgmag.com.)


How long should my submission be?

Shoot for about 500 words, but definitely no more than 1,000 words.

How do I format my submission?

The title is formatted automatically; do not use any tags.

Do use plenty of sub-headers in the main body of your text; sub headers break up the article, which makes it easier to read on a computer screen. (In the editor use 'Header 3' in the pulldown menu. In html use h3 tags.)

Other tags you can use are 'blockquote' and the 'strong' tag, to mark passages in bold font. You can also use 'ul' 'li' 'ol' 'a href' and the italics 'i' tag.

Once my submission is accepted and published on your site, can I still edit it?

Yes, you can edit your submissions after they've been published. However, if you edit an submission, it will go through our approval process again, during which it won't be displayed on our website. For this reason it's best not to submit an article, until you're absolutely sure it is to your liking.

Be sure that each article you submit is spell checked and proof read for grammatical errors. Submissions filled with errors won't be accepted.

Is there a limit on submissions?

New writers will have a limit on submissions. Once you reach that limit, a message will show when you log in. If you'd like to submit more, please contact us to take the limit off your account.

How do I get my submission listed on your home page?

Only submissions with a picture or a graphic will be listed on the home page. You can take your own pictures, or create your own graphics.

Note: Do not take images from others without permission. Do not simply search for an image with a search engine and use it without permission. In order to use someone else's image you have to have explicit permission. Also be careful taking images from 'free images' sites. The images may in fact not be free at all. Some images on flickr.com are tagged with a Creative Commons License that allows sharing. It is always best to contact the owner of an imge directly and ask permission. Better yet, use your own image!

Any copyright infringement of images or text will result in cancellation of your account on akgmag.com.

I'd like to write an article that doesn't fit any of your categories - can I still submit it?

Probably - contact us with your suggestion for a new category and we might just add it! 


How many links may I use in my submission?

You may us one link per 150 words; so for a submission of 500 words you may use 3 links.

Do you pay for articles?

We do not pay for articles on akgmag.com, but we (and other publishers) do hire writers who submit to akgmag.com for other projects. If you're available for hire, state so in your profile and submit your info to one of the 'For Hire' categories.

What about copyright?

The copyright remains with you, the owner. You simply give us the right to publish your materials for as long as you like.  You may remove your articles from akgmag.com at any time and publish them elsewhere.

When you submit your articles, works, artwork, graphics, ideas, photos or other materials to us, you retain your copyrights, but grant to us the worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the submitted material on the internet, in printed form,  or by any other medium either now known or hereinafter devised, and forego any payment or compensation for the submitted material.


If you're submitting articles:

Be a Reader's Resource

Own Your Material, Not Another Author's

Keys To Successful Articles: Creating Focus


Please note:

* By submitting articles or other text and images to akgmag.com, you understand that we will publish them on our website, through RSS and other means.

* Do not submit duplicate articles.

* Submitting an article in no way guarantees inclusion on akgmag.com. We reserve the right to reject any article for any reason.

* When submitting your materials to akgmag.com you have the option to amend your copyrights by attaching a CC license

* By submitting your articles and other materials to akgmag.com, you're confirming that you're the copyright holder, or have a valid license and a legal right to submit the articles or other materials. If you submit images along with your articles, you're also confirming, that you're either the copyright holder, or have a valid license and a legal right to display the images.

* The copyright for any articles or other text or images remains with the copyright holder.

* Any copyright infringement of images or text will result in cancellation of your account on akgmag.com.

Read our full terms here.