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Goslyn County
Crime. Romance. Fast Action in Goslyn County read more

By: A.M. McKnight
Category: Books > Excerpts - Fiction

The Covered
Alexis realizes that she is not with the person she thought she was with. read more

By: ANWMedia
Category: Books > Excerpts - Non-Fiction

New Novel 'Finding Bartholomew'
Finding Bartholomew is an edgy, fantastical and erotic romp through the challenges of the modern family, love and relationships.

read more

By: ChrisLemmeAuthor
Category: Books > E-books - fiction

Dead Obsession
Standing behind him, she wished he could see her as she ran her dainty fingers through his long, salt and pepper hair. To her delight, his hair was remarkably soft. Even though he didn’t respond to her touch, she continued playing with his read more

By: V.R Morley
Category: Books > E-books - fiction

Gracie's Story: Fighting to Survive Breast Cancer
Brave Breast Cancer Survivor Reveals Her True, Inspiring Story In A Personal Memoir!
Despite the fact that breast cancer has a better survival rate than many other forms of the disease, being diagnosed with it is utterly terrifying. There read more

By: Grace A. Wilson-Thompson
Category: Books > Excerpts - Non-Fiction

When a man like Declan Pearse wants you, the only thing you can do is give in to his every desire...
Charlotte "Charlie" Flynn never gave much thought to need. She wanted mostly to keep her head down and do her job. It had never crossed her mind that she deserved to be happy or loved and wanted - by a man. A second date with someone interesting read more

By: oliviarkeane
Category: Books > E-books - fiction

Us in a Jar
Collection of poems to remind readers that they are not alone. Very relatable for all ages who is going through a tough time and need empowerment. For a quick read while waiting in a doctor's office or on a long ride home. Deals with following read more

By: Kiara Middleton
Category: Books > E-books - fiction

Shattered Peace
Therana is the daughter of the emperor in the year 2820. She lives a fun and quiet life, but when the known scientist Thomas Oram goes rogue and steals a device for interdimensional travel, she volunteers to get it back. Together with her uncle read more

By: Pascal Waitek
Category: Books > Excerpts - Fiction

Death Row Apocalypse
USA's most lethal Serial Killer, trapped on death row exercises his talents while battling his way through a zombie infested prison. read more

By: DarrickMackey
Category: Books > E-books - fiction