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How Breast Cancer Changed Me
Bobbi was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer 28 years ago and given five years to live. read more

By: Bobbi de Cordova-Hanks
Category: Health > Staying Healthy

Spiritual Approach to Weight Loss
Gerri lost 100 pounds about 20 years ago and has maintained a size 10 since then, using a spiritual approach. read more

By: Gerri Helms
Category: Health > Staying Healthy

Curing Lung Cancer the Natural Way
Carl Helvie is among the longest living survivors of lung cancer. read more

By: Dr. Carl O. Helvie
Category: Health > Staying Healthy

Self-Healing for Health
Shoshanna Katzman is author of Qigong for Staying Young and has been involved in Chinese medicine for more than 35 years. read more

By: Shoshanna Katzman
Category: Health > Staying Healthy

How to change emotions when you need it most
Do you ever wonder why your mood can suddenly change when you hear an old favorite song, and then change as quickly as it did when you see a long queue in a bank? This is a process that goes on around and within us all the time, whether we are read more

By: Kirstin ODonovan
Category: Health > How The Body Works

The Key to Raising Successful Children – Teach Them Self-Control and Delayed Gratification
One of the best parenting tips for raising successful children is to teach them self-control and how to wait for things they want. It helps them master life lessons that prove invaluable later on in life. read more

By: Dr. David Schapira
Category: Health > Pregnancy

Having a Doula
Women helping other women give birth is an ancient practice. read more

By: Dani Oatfield
Category: Health > Pregnancy

What is my therapist really thinking?
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWhat is my therapist really thinking? Psychologist and author Dr. Jacqueline Simon Gunn reveals what it's like to be "In the Therapist's Chair" so that you can determine if you’re working with a therapist read more

By: Saverio Mancina
Category: Health > Stress

Introduction to Piercing and The Piercing Bible
Below is a brief introduction to modern body piercing and some information about potential risks and why it is so important to become an educated consumer to receive a safe body piercing. read more

By: ElayneAngel
Category: Health > Staying Healthy

Dealing with Stress Eating During Tough Economic Times
Many people eat when faced with stress, but you can learn new ways of handling the tough times in your life. read more

By: Lynda Forman
Category: Health > Stress