Books About Mermaids Trending in 2014
Books about mermaids may not have been all that plentiful in the past, but suddenly, for some reason, mermaids seem to be trending in 2014. Charm Baker, newly published author of a book about mermaids; knows exactly what prompted her to create read more

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Anyone who has gone through high school will tell you that it is only after you have left, that you can actually look at it as a wonderful time in your life. While you are there, you are mostly just trying to survive it. High school is the beginning read more

By: Jude McKinnon
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The 90 Day Transition Secret: From Employee to Entrepreneur Millionaire
Larry McIntire, writes from his own experience as a former automotive painter that decided he wanted more out of life, wanted to add value to the world, and wanted to increase his income without limitations. He shares how he had to overcome doubt, read more

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Award Winning Music Producer Releases Inspirational Memoirs
From Gold records to Grammies, music entrepreneur Anthony Casuccio shares stories of how being nice and doing the “right thing” (no matter how hard or embarrassing) in a crazy business, has created opportunities for him both professionally read more

By: Anthony C
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Fractured - A Collection of Dark Fiction & Poetry
Demonic children. A husband on the brink of insanity. A woman whose obsession brings her back from the dead...night after night.

"Fractured" is a collection of horror fiction & poetry that seeks
to pierce the darkest regions read more

By: TimOuellette
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doG Backwards
Michael works in an office and is mourning the loss of his five-year-old daughter, Milly.

Barbara has her own cleaning company and the death of her stepfather, Eric, hangs heavy on her conscience. read more

By: Guy A Johnson
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How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy by Charles Fudgemuffin
"This has got to be the funniest book ever written, or I'm a Dutchman!"
...Erik Van Onzin-Broodje of The Amsterdam Times.
read more

By: CharlesFudgemuffin
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New Publishing Opportunity with Endeavour Press in 2012
My name is Katrina Diaz and I am a publicity assistant for Chalke, a freelance consultancy and publicity agency for authors, including Simon Sebag Montefiore and William Dalrymple. We are currently also looking after Endeavour Press, a new ebook read more

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Why Indie Authors love the Coalition of Independent Authors
The Self-Published or "Indie Author" now has a friend in the promote yourself business of the book world. The Coalition of Independent Authors is one of the best sites on the web for self-published authors to advertise their works for either read more

By: Candace L. Bowser
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Delving into the World of Crime Fiction Author, Charles Salzberg
Charles Salzberg is an author who specializes in the genre of Crime Fiction/Mystery. His writing style is classic, somewhat reminiscent of the greater crime writers of days long past. It is refreshing to find an author who understands the importance read more

By: Candace L. Bowser
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