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Andrew Flynn has been a writer for more than 14 years and has completed four feature-length screenplays, countless short stories and creative compositions. A student of Robert McKee, he practices what he's been taught: write the truth, whatever read more

By: Drew
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Lynda Forman - Writer, Ghostwriter, and Editor
Lynda Forman is a highly skilled, educated, and energetic freelance writer. A frequent contributor to this site, she is a tireless writer who always goes the extra mile for clients. read more

By: Lynda Forman
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Writer/Ghostwriter, Editor and Publishing Consultant for Hire
I have 20 years' experience on all sides of the table, as an editor at many of the top New York publishing houses, as a creative executive in film development at several Los Angeles production houses and studios, and as a consultant and read more

By: AlysonM
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Hire or Interview Lillian and Dave Brummet
Dave and Lillian Brummet: authors of the books Trash Talk, Purple Snowflake Marketing, and Towards Understanding; Hosts of both the Conscious Discussions talk radio show & Authors Read radio program (www.brummet.ca) read more

By: Lillian Brummet
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Experienced writer available for corporate and magazine assignments
Experienced freelance writer with credits from magazines, web sites, custom publishers, corporations and non-profits. read more

By: Nancy Christie
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Have words; Will write (or sell writing)
I've authored 60 books (the majority published by major houses), uncountable articles, speeches, eulogies, and curricula. Some can't live without the sun; I, without the keyboard and the chance to learn what I think by writing. read more

By: Dr. Marlene Caroselli
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Comedy Writer for Hire
Don't you just love to laugh at the ludicrous and ridicule the ridiculous? Well, you've come to the right place! read more

By: Deborah J. Rebolloso
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Brenda Nixon Talks Reprints
Interview By AlyiceEdrich.net
Today I had the honor of interviewing Brenda Nixon, speaker, writer, and educator. Brenda and I go way back...we met online a few years back and have corresponded via email a couple of times a year. We're also read more

By: Brenda Nixon
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Expert Offers Hebraic View of Current Events, History, Bible and Prophecy
Author and Radio Host, Eliyahu ben David, is available for speaking engagements, book signings, radio programming, interview, and Biblical feasts/holy-days. read more

By: Eliyahu ben David
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Do Radio Interviews Help Sell Books?
As a former newspaper reporter, I write non-fiction articles and
am author of four non-fiction books. As a publicist who gets clients on the radio, my specialty of late is talk radio, which I have been speaking about to Rotary and Kiwanis read more

By: Tina Howe
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