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Turtle Island
Don Masters stood in the driveway yukking it up with his neighbor, Phillips, with all the forced camaraderie of an NFL pregame show host. Don was backslappin' and yeehawin' and awshucksin' as he thanked Phillips for agreeing to watch his house read more

By: dahenry
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"The Fox" a romantic comedy by Aura Conte
Brian “the Irish fox” McNamara is one of the most charming bachelors in the state of New York, with just one flaw. Emma Abbott is a photographer, the second child of two lawyers and she has a thing for putting herself in awkward situations. read more

By: acstaff
Category: Books > E-books - fiction

Detecting Liars
Tired of being lied to? Now you have a resource to help you determine if someone may be lying to you.

"Detecting Liars" covers such indicators as simple body movements, vocal tone, word and phrase usage, eye shift, read more

By: StevenDavidLampley
Category: Self-help > Self-help

Three Kinds Of Love
Diane Lane is a beautiful police detective with a high libido and sexual tolerance, with a promiscuous attitude. read more

By: Sparrowadex84
Category: Books > E-books - fiction

Green Monk of Tremn!
Green Monk of Tremn is the story of Ifunka Kaffa, a green-skinned alien boy from the planet Tremn who sets out with two other companions on an epic journey of adventure, mystery and intrigue. read more

By: Nicholas19
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Excerpt Flip-Flops, Fiestas and Flamenco
“I’m going to live in Spain,” she stated matter-of-factly, ignoring her exes comment.

As proof, she produced the flip-flops with a flourish.

Silence again, only this time not in a good way.

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By: Donna Hepburn
Category: Humor > Humor - general

Stage 3
This morning, Mason awoke inside of a nightmare. A virus has turned the citizens of San Francisco into blood-thirsty savages, and now he is all that stands between a young girl and a horrible fate read more

By: Ken Stark
Category: Books > Excerpts - Fiction

Josephine Michelle Brewer was from a small town in Maine. Where she lived there for many years and then as she grew. Josie got so sick of small town life and the life she had been forced to live. Josie’s life had been full of heartache and read more

By: NLEglinger
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The Wife In Waiting
Living a double life hasn't always been easy for Benjamin but when his wife thinks it would be a good idea to hire an events organiser for her birthday, fate deals him a blow when the woman in question turns out to be non other than his lover!
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By: Carla Godfrey
Category: Books > E-books - fiction

My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent
10-year-old Nort McKrakken is a pint-sized computer genius. 14-year-old Chip Munson is his best friend - and loyal guinea pig. When their beloved town of Vortville is attacked by an army of brain-warping Freaky Fuzzy toys, Nort implants Chip read more

By: Richard Clark
Category: Books > Excerpts - Children's