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Writer, Copywriter and Ghostwriter Julie-Ann Amos

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I am a professional writer, and run an international writing agency - I have a strong background as a UK-based HR and management consultant, along with many years of experience conducting research and writing in nearly every form possible. That makes me a professional UK copywriter/UK ghostwriter, with over 14 books in print (in my own name) in more than 20 countries, on topics such as business, management, and personal development. Additionally, I have written many many ghostwritten books, and thousands of articles for web sites and other online services. Many of these were written under my own name, and many were ghostwritten for release under a client’s name.
Thank you Julie-Ann for taking the time to answer some questions for us!  To start, please tell us about the latest project you've worked on.

A book on Ghostwriting - "The Secret World of Ghostwriters: And How to Work With One" available at Amazon or my own website -
What inspired you to write this book?
Actually it was a response to mails I get regarding ghostwriting from would-be and potential clients.  There is a huge misunderstanding about the industry, so the book was an attempt to demystify it a little, and explain how I work.
Have you received any awards for your work?
Not that I can think of!  I’ve had a few minor things such as a book being a certain newspaper “careers book of the year” etc but I don’t count them as important.
Do you also do speaking engagements, or seminars?
Yes I do when requested.
How has your education, profession or background helped you in your writing career? Or conversely, how has your writing success helped you in your  profession?
I have a very varied background and have worked in several industries and sectors.  I’ve always been in managerial roles, and writing has always been a large part of my work.  But the variety of expertise I’ve had over the years helps me cover a wide range of topics.
What kind of other works (books, scripts, poems etc.) have you had published?
Mostly management and non fiction.  If you search Amazon under “Julie-Ann Amos” there’ll be a list of around 15 titles in total.
Is there any aspect to your profession that gets you in touch with your readers directly?
I have profiles at a number of sites such as Hub Pages, FaceBook etc and readers often get in touch there.
What will your next project be?
I’d really like to write a fiction book based on mythology/archetypal energy, possibly focusing on homoeopathy as I am a trainee homoeopath.
Who inspires you on a personal or business level?
I don’t think there is necessarily any one person.  I’ve had a number of influences over the years and rest largely on a few choice ones.  Yoda, for the most part.  Yes, the little blue/green man in Star Wars.  Whenever I get really stuck I just remember “Do or Do Not… There is no try.”
What type of work is the most rewarding or satisfying for you?
Something that captures my interest.  Writing for a living fills my days with work that must be done, and so much of it isn’t of interest to me, although it will be to someone.  I like to work on projects that capture my interest or imagination.  That can be anything really.
What can you recommend for writers who are just getting started and are trying to make a name for themselves?
Keep trying!  There are so many forums online now for placing your work and learning from the feedback of others such as Hub Pages, Squidoo etc.  Just put yourself out there and be willing to take feedback.
How did you get started as a writer?
Oddly enough by accident – I was approached by an agent.  I had been running a highly successful Introduction to Management training course for employees with a colleague of mine for several years.  One day the phone rang and a lady asked me if I thought I could get down on paper what we taught in the course over 3-5 days.  “Of course,” I said, “When would you need it by?”  I wrote the first book from that course outline in 2-3 weeks.  It did rather well and was eventually picked up by a Professional Institute here in the UK as a recommended text and things grew from there.
Which is your favorite book/work published? Is there a favorite?
I love Lord of the Rings, and just wish I had the talent to produce such a complex work.
What does a typical work day look like for you?
I’m afraid it’s rather dull!  Start work around 745-8.  Work until time to go to the gym, or shopping etc.  get back, work until around 1900-2000 at night – later if I’m busy.  I don’t go in much for breaks and meals and that kind of thing!  Then the evening is typically spent in front of the TV switching my head off so I can sleep!
Have you ever had a mentor, or someone who sparked your passion for writing?
Who is your favorite writer/author?
I really like a wide range.  Tolkein, and Clifford D Simak, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and that kind of thing.  Plus too many others to mention.
Finally, a most important question: what was the last song you sang out loud when you were by yourself?  :)
It was a shamanic chant!
Air moves us, fire transforms us, water shapes us, earth heals us.
And the balance of the wheel goes round and round.
And the balance of the wheel goes round.
I find it oddly comforting after my father’s recent death.

Thank you Julie-Ann and good luck with your upcoming projects!

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