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Home > Books > E-books - fiction > Three Kinds Of Love

Three Kinds Of Love

Submitted by: Sparrowadex84
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Diane Lane is a beautiful police detective with a high libido and sexual tolerance, with a promiscuous attitude. Although being a romantic at heart, while unlucky in relationships after been cheated on by men she cares for, she consciously developed a pessimistic view on romance. Diane began to feel that relationships are truly about sexual connections, and decided to only meet men for sexual purposes only, while also making a diary about her sexual exploits.

But during her search for compatible men, she met Selena, an intriguing lady who owned one of the clubs she visited to meet distinguished men. While getting close to Diane, Selena befriends her for her own personal gain, with the intention of entrapping her into more heartbreaks and betrayal. But being a lady on a path to seek only companions to fulfill her illustrious sexual appetite, Diane still manages to be left with her heart broken as she tries to find the balance between love and lust.

* * * * *

Writer with a passion for a good story telling and idea; be it fiction, poems, music, scripts or inspirational quotes. Enthusiastic when it comes to creativity, and springing out ideas that are not usually laid out, but stuck at the edge of our thoughts.
I have recently published a few short stories, novella and poems, and i do hope you read and enjoy.
Follow me on Twitter: @sparrow_adex, and like my page on Facebook:


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