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Home > Books > Excerpts - Fiction > Tempestatem By Nishant

Tempestatem By Nishant

Submitted by: Nishant


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Ordinary nineteen-year-old Gale C. Storm is forced to swap his world for another, a realm of power and mystery.

Despite its wondrous creatures of myth and some beyond human concepts of fantasy, for thousands of those less acknowledged, the pitiful holdings of their once great empire offered little opportunities. Now humiliated and angry, and resentful of their distant oppressors, these desperate soldiers gather together to live their lives as they see fit, establishing ideals of freedom under great leaders, which would carry on for generations to come.

Shades, they were named, and their life amidst this world of fantasy – a brutal one, filled with betrayal, mutiny, and cruelty. There are riches to be found here, in immense untamed jungles, blizzard ravaged mountains, and most importantly – mighty kingdoms.

For nearly seven months, Gale will experience a life of war and misfortune, backed by strong leaders and fierce warriors, judged only by their own morals in a society built for those they desire to protect.

Here at last are their true stories, open and unvarnished; this is the truth behind the world after death, and it comes to life in the Tempestatem.

* * * * *

Author Tempestatem, and soon to be an engineer.

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