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Home > Books > Excerpts - Fiction > Shattered Peace

Shattered Peace

Submitted by: Pascal Waitek


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The Dark Empire left the FTL Vortex at the edge of the Zah'Aharon system and was greeted by a small escort which guided them in a low orbit around the imperial capital. Captain Young maintained the lockdown while the five imperial knights brought Ensign Myers to the Splendour. They flew down to the Dark Temple and landed in one of the underground hangars. First Commander David Rogers greeted them along with Therana's little sister Ellen.

"Good Morning, lords and ladies, the Supreme Overlord is expecting to see you in the council chamber."

He let Ellen down who immediately ran over to her sister and hugged her.

"Hey, little sister, how are you?"

"Good. I was waiting for you."

"Come, we're going to the council chamber to dad, okay?"


Katharina was looking around the hangar, seemingly impressed by how such a large hangar could be hidden under a skyscraper complex.

"Have you ever been down here, Katharina?" asked Sam.

"No, I've only been to the temple a few times and never to the hangar. It's impressive."

"It is. Come on, you can look at the hangar after the meeting."

Commander Rogers led them to the council where the entire Council of the Lords was waiting for them.

Arianne ran up to Therana and hugged her.

"I'm so glad you're okay. You're okay, right?"

"Yes, mom."

"Hello, Therana," Derron said.

"Hi, dad."

Everybody sat down and the meeting commenced without further ceremony.

"My lords, thank you for coming. This very moment, the arctic base data cache is being looked at by ISOD and our own technicians. We hope it will reveal crucial information regarding Oram's next steps. He has shown great effort and skill in eluding our forces repeatedly. His allies identity remains unkown, the terrorist group Vanguard is nothing more than a shadow creeping at the edge of light. We have asked the news agency that revealed the Vanguard related information to refrain from any further coverage of the topic. The article has also been taken down, but a substantial number of readers had already read it. Our only option is to validate the claims made by Ensign Myers and otherwise wait until ISOD makes progress. Furthermore, the festivities of Reformation Day are taking place as planned. I don't see a reason to cancel them as it would only instill further worries into the populace. I expect everyone in this room to attend. Should ISOD provide additional information before or during the festivities, my brother and daughter are authorized to take immediate action. Any questions?"

Therana said nothing as she felt there was nothing to say. Derron concluded the meeting and after everyone except for Therana, Sam, Seyn and Arianne had left, he hugged his daughter.

"I'm sorry that you had to endure all of this. Maybe I shouldn't have sent you to accompany Seyn, but I wanted to keep this in the family."

"No, dad, it's okay. Oram will get what he deserves."

"Are you feeling fine, Therana?" asked Arianne.

"Yes, mom, everything's fine, the doctor fixed me up well."

"Derron, may I speak to you for a moment?" Seyn interrupted the family reunion.

"Yes, let's speak in my office."

Therana and Sam left the chamber with Arianne, picked up Katharina and went to Derron's and Arianne's apartment.

* * * * *


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