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Home > Books > E-books - fiction > New Novel 'Finding Bartholomew'

New Novel 'Finding Bartholomew'

Submitted by: ChrisLemmeAuthor


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Life is absurd, prickly and oftentimes indecipherable. In the midst of this realization, somtimes the hardest question to answer is; who am I? Trapped by circumstances of his own making, Steve Mitchell has particular trouble finding the answer to this question.

Married to a woman he doesn't love, Steve doesn't recognize the person occupying his life. Husband. Father. Lover. His despair tortures him as daily and vivid suicide fantasies. His reality slips even farther when friends and strangers start quoting the wisdom from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet.

Set in the gritty environs of Chicago, Steve's life becomes more surreal when he meets the sexually provocative Debra who challenges his reality at every turn. Finally, the national tragedy of 9-11 jolts Steve's world off a cliff.

Finding Bartholomew is an edgy, fantastical and erotic romp through the challenges of the modern family, love and relationships.

* * * * *

I enjoy writing about people. Interesting people. Crazy, damaged, unusual people. Like you and me. In particular, I enjoy exploring relationships, especially between men and women. Men and women who are complex, complicated, messy people with closets full of baggage.

And for these kind of characters their sexual relationships can be most revealing. For this reason I never shy away from depicting in excruciating detail the sex lives of my characters. That’s part of what makes them interesting.

You can read more on my website.

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