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Mitt Winstead, the Man and the Author

Submitted by: Candace L. Bowser


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Sometimes you meet authors and it is not a mere co-incidence. Recently, I was approached by WTAN radio to do aninterview for their show "the Book Club". John Austin, the interviewer, asked me to take the time to listen to several of the podcasts on the site. After having listened to a few of the interviews, I listened to an interview done by Mitt Winstead. I liked it so much, I decided to Google Mitt. I sent him an email on Facebook, and now several emails later, he has become my newest friend in the literary world of those who self-publish. Self-publishing is not easy. I will be the first one to tell you this since you spend hours doing your own proofing, editing, and revisions. I also will tell you it is very rewarding. When I talked to Mitt about this, he said he felt the same way. So I would like to give my readers the opportunity to meet Mitt Winstead and learn about his passion; writing.

Mitt, what would you say is the driving force behind what made you decide to become a writer?:

After my first small book called,Mitt Spoken Here was finished in 1998, I was amazed at the positive response from family, friends and coworkers. The thrill of being recognized for writing instead of exceeding construction schedules made me feel important in a new and dramatic way. Yes, it was selfish of me, but I saw a chance to be a famous writer before I even realized that writing novels has responsibility assigned to it also. While writing my first murder mystery novel, Evil in the Mirror, I was consumed with passion and astonishment as the words flowed effortlessly into patterns and mosaics of believable and terrifying real life possibilities. I was personally shocked at how horrifying the book turned out to be. No one was more surprised than I! Having total strangers relate to me how much they enjoyed the book and that they simply could not put it down was all I needed to know. My writing had come of age.   

What are a few of the circumstances that provide you with inspiration to start a new novel?:

Obviously, reviews of my first novel inspired me to start a sequel. But, more than that, I wanted to feel the passion again. To me, writing is like a drug that takes my mind to strange and wonderful settings, but unlike drugs, the only after effect is having something on paper that people want to read and experience. Having the ability to bring readers completely into the scenes is what it is all about. Some have even said they didn't really want to go, but they had no choice. What better compliment could you have? 

You told me many great writers have a PHD in the life of hard-knocks, would you mind elaborating?:

 I believe life experiences are much more valuable than education when it comes to writing from the soul. If you are writing tech manuals for NASA, a PhD is helpful, but if you are writing for the masses, it seems less important. If you consider the reading capability of not only the U.S.A., but the world as a whole, we are talking ninth grade reading abilities as an average and I am being generous. I shy away from books that profess to teach someone how to write novels. I also shy away from boring rhetoric by over-educated snobs who say something must be written in a certain way. Reach down into your soul, grab the substance there, write your way, and damn the critics who say it won't work. Mark Twain didn't have a high school education, but he did have a PhD in the school of hard knocks!  

What literary works are you currently finalizing now?:

I am near completion of the sequel to Evil in the Mirror. The new murder mystery is called Day Stalker.


What do you feel is your single most important task as a writer when it comes to the final product?

The final product for a writer is no different than any other product sold to consumers. The customer has a right to expect quality. Do not publish your book until it meets every quality standard set forth by customers who are buying your work with hard earned dollars.

In five words or less, or five separate words, how would you describe yourself?:

 Honest, fair, caring, self-starter, and a tad nuts.  

Which book is your favorite right now that you have written and why?:

Day Stalker, because it proves that Evil in the Mirror was not a fluke.

Please give me a little insight into one of your favorite characters.: 

Detective Jon Mull is my favorite because he knows that sometimes we have to put our lives on the line to protect the freedoms we enjoy in America.

What is one thing about yourself you'd like to share with your readers?:

If I can write, anyone can. It only takes courage and determination to follow your dream. Listen to your passions, then get off your butt and do it!


After having corresponding with Mitt several times, I can tell you the passion he has for writing is conveyed on each page of his books. He has a fabulous sense of humor and a gift for the suspense filled twisted novel. Mitt's books are available at, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers. Please stop by Mitt's webpage/blog at :





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Candace L. Bowser is a freelance fiction author. Her first published work, Origins Blood in the Sand was published in Feb. 2010. Since then she has published twelve novels. She wrote for the PRS of Kansas City during the 1990's and has chosen to write exclusively with AKGMAG to share her experiences in the publishing world and help other authors. She currently resides in Kansas City with her husband.

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