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Freelance Writer, Blogger And Journalist Marty Weil

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Marty Weil
Marty Weil
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Marty Weil is a freelance writer/journalist and author of several blog sites. Before becoming a full-time writer, he owned Weil Marketing Communications (WMC) Inc., a ground-breaking and award-winning marketing communications firm, for more than a decade. Weil is also a  sought after ghostwriter and content consultant, has served as a consultant and managing editor for several Fortune 500 micro site blog projects and has acted as a consultant on corporate Web sites, radio commercials, and film projects.    

1. Hello Marty, thanks for answering a few questions for us! You've been a very busy writer - how many pieces of your work in your estimate have you had published so far, in print and online?  

First, thank you for your interest in my work and career. I certainly appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts in this interview. Along the way, I hope I can provide some useful insights.  

A colleague once dubbed me “the most active freelance trade press journalist in the country.” I’ve been a freelance writer/journalist for nearly 20 years, and I’ve honestly lost count of the number of articles I’ve published. However, I’ve created a page on my Web site that lists the majority of the articles I’ve written with links to many of them. I estimate that I have more 500,000 words in print under my byline.  

In recent years, I’ve focused a lot of energy on creating content for the Web. I’ve served as the managing editor of a corporate micro-site. I regularly provide content for a number of corporate Web sites, and I’m an active blogger. I blog on about issues related to journalism, copy writing, and social networking. Meanwhile, I explore the world of old paper on the ephemera blog. I have written more than 1,000 blog posts over the past four years.  

2. You work on all kinds of different kinds projects and assignments (interviews, copywriter, blogs), how do you approach each project individually?   

I think the best compliment I received about my writing was from one of my editors, Kevin Hogan, Technology & Learning magazine, who wrote, “Marty…can tackle subjects in any number of categories and create a lively and informative piece—even when the subject matter may not be the most exciting.”   I write about a lot of technical topics that many people would find dry. I feel just the opposite. Every topic has fascinating aspects—and it’s my job to bring them to light. 

3. How do you plan your writing projects and how do you decide what to work on next?  

As a freelance writer, I’m assigned features by my editors. I also take on ghostwriting projects and corporate marketing work. I write for the money—there are no strings attached.  

4. Have you had any mentors to help you jump start your career? If yes, how important was that to you?  

No, I really didn’t have any mentors. I’ve always been very driven to succeed. I had a vision for what I wanted to do, and I went out and made that vision a reality.  

5. You are a versatile writer - do you have a favorite type of work that you like to come back to, or do simply appreciate the variety?  

I mainly focus on the use of technology in a number of industries including education, manufacturing, renewable energy, and food/beverage.   I enjoy writing corporate case studies. I’ve written more than 250 of them over the years. I actively seek out those opportunities. I find writing about how companies use products and services to improve their businesses to be very fascinating and enjoyable work. However, I’m always open to exploring new territory. A good writer can take any topic and make it come to life.  

6. What type of work do you recommend for a beginning writer to start with? Is there a field that's easier to get into than another?  

I recommend that beginners find a niche that they enjoy and focus their effort on building a reputation in that field. Later, they can branch out. I began at the dawn of the technology boom. My career followed the growth of the information technology industry. I made that market my main focus for many years. Over time, I branched out into education, a field I’m currently very active in. Today, a beginner might select renewable energy or the green movement as their niche.  

7. Do you have any tips for freelance writers who are trying to tap into the potential of social networking? How did you get started?  

I recently wrote a guest column for DailyBlogTips on this topic. In it, I mentioned the use of Twitter and LinkedIn. Social networking has broadened the scope of what is possible for freelance writers. As a freelance writer, I’ve embraced social networking and I use those tools to connect with corporate clients, editors, and publishers.  

8. You write, you love photography--what other creative outlets do you pursue?  

My blogs have been a great creative outlet for me. For instance, A Year in Asheville, allowed me to pursue my interest in photography, and led to the publication of a book by the same name. My ephemera blog is a labor of love that allows me to explore the world of old paper. I’ve had the opportunity to interview artists, historians, authors, researchers, and collectors. These interactions fuel my creative fire and afford me an outlet for writing beyond the corporate and journalism work that I do for a living.  

9. What inspires you in your creative endeavors?  

My personal inspiration is the quest for excellence in what I do. It is one thing to write something that meets the objectives of the client and works; it’s something entirely more fulfilling to know the quality of that writing is the best I can produce.  

10. Finally: what's the last song you sang out loud when no one was around?  :)

Fannin Street by Tom Waits  

Thanks Marty for taking the time to talk to us! We wish you great success with your future projects!

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