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Home > Books > E-books - fiction > Fables from the Magic Tunnel

Fables from the Magic Tunnel

Submitted by: Sandra Lee Stephens
An e-book is available, visit the website
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Chapter One

The Unknown

There is a secret in the darkness and they know all about it. Humans don’t -that is, young humans. The secret begins in darkness that would scare the bravest of you. A young girl, with long hair the color of honey, stretches her small hand into empty air, whispering, “Mama? Mama? Pudgie? Where are you? Are you here?"

She screams at the top of her voice, "WHERE AM I? CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME? I WANT MY MAMA!”

The only sound is her voice echoing back in the darkness.


A man’s voice announces from a blinking red box, “Keeper, she is through the gateway and in the reception hall.”

A female figure in a long, shimmering gown stops petting a gray cat. She waves her hand; a large screen appears on the tunnel wall allowing her to observe the reception hall.

“Read her profile to me please, Rydel.”

The voice from the box replies: “Name: Janelle Olivia Yachats, Life Code: J.O.Y. Descendant of Grandfather, John Olin Bern, Life Code: J.O.B., who completed the first space mission to Zebula and is credited with the return of the first alien life form to Earth and the Unification.

“Descendant of Father, Robert Allan Yachats, Life Code: R.A.Y. Heperished several years ago on his last mission to Mars.

“She resides with her mother and brother at Fourth sector, High Hills,Oregon, USA. Birth Date: November Fifteenth, 2289 A.D. Current age: Six years.

End of file. Keeper?”


“As she has arrived five years too soon, do you wish to proceed?”

“Yes I do, Rydel. I have reason to believe this child possesses the purest of hearts. If she prevails, it will be a quick passage.”

“Very good. I will inform her mother. Keeper...may I speak freely?” 

“Continue, Rydel.” 

“Does one ever get used to them being so upset?” 

“The children always show fear and confusion at the outset. You will 

become accustomed to their initial reactions. We must remember: this is necessary 

so that their world can live in peace.” 

“Thank you, Keeper. Under your watchful guidance, I am eager to learn.” 

Keeper disappears into a darkened passageway leading to the reception hall.

* * * * *

Author of "Fables from the Magic Tunnel"
Fables from the Magic Tunnel trilogy

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