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Elaine Littau, Author

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Elk’s Resolve
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Elaine Littau is from a small town in the panhandle of Texas. She is the author of two books. Her historical, Christian, fiction books are the first two of four in the Nan’s Heritage Series. To learn more about Elaine and her books go to

Thank you Elaine for answering some questions for us! Please tell us about your latest project.
I am happy to say that Elk’s Resolve, Book II of the Nan’s Heritage Series was released on July 7, 2009. It continues the story of Nan Young and her family. Elk's Resolve is set against the rugged beauty of the Colorado Rockies of the 1800s.  It follows Elk, the White Indian, who finds his true self and defeats the voices who demand his destruction. The characters in this book struggle with hatred, depression, loss, and fear. The story is full of passion, heartbreak, romance, rivalry, and hope.
Have you received any awards for your work?
Yes, named Nan’s Journey “Best Historical Christian Fiction 2008” and Luke’s Legacy (Book III yet to be published) “Honorable Mention Historical Christian Fiction 2009”.
Do you also do speaking engagements, or seminars?
I love doing speaking engagements and seminars. Since Nan’s Journey has been published I have had the opportunity to speak in churches, women’s groups, and library clubs. I speak on topical Bible subjects, the process of becoming a published author, and also give humorous speeches about my life. In doing this I have met wonderful people in New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas.
How has your education, profession or background helped you in your writing career? Or conversely, how has your writing success helped you in your profession?
I would say my background has had the most influence in my writing. My father was born in 1909 and my mother in 1913. I was born in their mid-forties and was twenty years behind my siblings. My parents spent a lot of time telling me of the “old days”. They told stories of their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The stories ranged from homesteading days to the dust bowl days and beyond. Those stories are probably what set my imagination in gear.
Is there any aspect to your profession that gets you in touch with your readers directly?

I love to meet my readers at book signing and speaking events. They tell me stories about how my books have impacted their lives. They also share their stories with me. It is a great experience.
What will your next project be?

As I said, I have Book III written but not yet published and Book IV is in the process of being written. I am toying with the idea of starting a series based on my mother’s life. My sons want me to publish my humorous stories that I have written in a spiral. I don’t know if my readers are ready for that.
Who inspires you on a personal or business level?
Many people inspire me but I would have to say that two public figures that have really pushed me to do more than I think I can have been Joyce Meyer and Sarah Palin. They stand up for their convictions even when it is not popular or comfortable. I want my readers to know that I stand behind what I believe in.
What type of work is the most rewarding or satisfying for you?
“Work” is such a harsh word. I would say that the most rewarding and satisfying part of my life has been being a much loved wife, mother and grandmother. It takes a lot of work but it is well worth it.
What can you recommend for writers who are just getting started and are trying to make a name for themselves?
When you take a step up, help the person behind you that has just started. Network with other authors. Ask your editor questions. Never stop learning about the publishing and writing business.
What does a typical work day look like for you?
I have never quit my day job. I am a part-time church secretary so I do that until 3 p.m. each day and then I go home and try to carve out time to write and market my books.
Who is your favorite writer/author?
Hilda Stahl or Grace Livingston Hill, It is a toss-up. They are old school but I love their books.
Finally, a most important question: what was the last song you sang out loud when you were by yourself?  :)
Breathe by Faith Hill, for sure it didn’t sound remotely familiar but I love that song!

Thank you Elaine! Congratulations on the release of your latest book Elk's Resolve!

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