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Death Row Apocalypse

Submitted by: DarrickMackey


Neck-Tie Eddie... A turned inmate
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This story is non-linear for the most part, the threads merge as the main players are brought together. The Anti-Hero, a dark and somewhat twisted serial killer that enjoys his profession to an extreme, (hold on to your stomachs!), is double-crossed by the CIA. He finds himself narrowly escaping death row only to wake up in a prison, crawling with zombies. Our dark hero exercises his talents as he tries to lead a small group of visitors to safety, while countless zombies hunt the group down like vermin. Tearing them apart one by… 
As the tale flips back in time, the reader is introduced to brief moments in the serial killer's childhood, where even there, the atrocities he commits will disturb you to your very core. Later, as an adult, we watch silently and unable to act as he commits several murders in stomach-turning detail. Later, hired by the CIA, he is tasked to take down a terrorist cell. A cell that is destroying suburban life in central Florida as it tears its way through 13 teenage girls and a toddler. Once again, he turns his talents, this time setting the level of gore to overdrive as he goes toe to toe with each member of the cell in turn, teaching them the true meaning of terror. 
The level of violence described in blood-curdling detail is enough to turn the sane insane!

Gorefest! Great fun for zombie lovers! ByCreating Serenity Reviewson July 3, 2015

Horror fans are going to love this. The gore that nearly spills out of the pages is almost gratuitous. Darrick Mackey has a way of adding blood to scenes that I have not read since I read Clive Barker’s Books of Blood or those fabulous 80’s horror flicks. There is a LOT of blood. And for various reasons.

Firstly, having a good villain is the number one way to keep me reading. Blaine is a fabulous villain. He has a great strangeness about him and a lack of empathy. His first kill, which was totally an accident, left a real impression on him, as it will the reader. Sadly, I did not feel sorry at all for what happened because stupidity was at work, not Blaine! Once you see Blaine work you will notice the intensity and a thorough thoughtfulness that he puts into his kills. So much so that even the CIA is taken aback but his abandon.

The fact that he is stuck in the middle of a prison with zombies should scare the zombies. I have never read a zombie apocalypse book where I felt excited about how Blaine was going to dispatch these monsters. There was never a hint of fear in him, or me as a reader. He’s just that good!

Then there is Eddie. Now at first I thought that the author had gone back in Blaine’s past again and it threw me a little because Eddie is nothing like Blaine. NOTHING. He is a mostly a wimp that enjoys hurting people. It only took me a little while to realize that there were two men stage front once the zombie apocalypse starts. The way it starts is why Eddie is also in the book, otherwise I could have done without his nonsense.

The killing for the CIA was the only thing that I felt was almost a bit superfluous. The people Blaine is after are terrorists and they also have a very definitive calling card. Again, buckets of blood. I’m still not sure that it added to the story. Blaine’s prowess at killing definitely does but these guys I could care less about. One murder of a very young child almost felt like the Saw movies. Put in to disgust the audience. While it did work it was also almost an eye roll moment. Almost!

All in all I really appreciated a different take on zombies. There are a plethora of zombie books out there but I could not put this one down. Other than Eddie being a complete idiot! That guy is annoying but I’m hoping there is going to be a book two. I’m definitely on board!

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Born in Tallahassee, FL. USA in 66'
From an early age, I loved the classic Horror's. Couldn't get enough of Science Fiction, and kinda lived in my own world up until now I guess.

I have an over-active imagination, which lead to suggestions from those closest, to embark on writing my own adventures.

So now I find myself doing exactly that...

Those of you who have an iron cast stomach, whose sanity cannot be swayed, then I am sure you will love my first epic.

For those who are interested, The sequel is underway...

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