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Home > Parenting > Parenting > Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem - 9 Secrets Every Parent Needs to Know.

Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem - 9 Secrets Every Parent Needs to Know.

Submitted by: Parenting with Love Coach


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Self-esteem is your sense of personal worth. It encompasses both self-confidence and self-acceptance. In part, healthy self-esteem comes from your awareness of the value you add to your family and the community. In Building Your Child's Self-Esteem, author Yvonne Brooks provides a step-by-step guide for improving children's self-esteem.

Practical and hands-on, with clear and concise instructions, Building Your Child's Self-Esteem shows parents how to identify healthy and low self-esteem behaviors in their children. Parents will also learn how to overcome and correct unproductive habits that limit their child's performance.

From developing a series of ideas for empowering children toward self-responsibility and awareness, parents will get the information needed to activate their child's potential for maximum success. Parents will learn how self-esteem manifests in children, how children with healthy and low self-esteem communicate, and how healthy and low self-esteem characteristics affect parenting skills.

Building Your Child's Self-Esteem provides guidance to help parents manifest and produce healthy, confident, courageous children.

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Yvonne Brooks (Parenting with Love Coach) is an inspirational writer, life coach and parenting expert with over 25 years experience in leadership training and development. With over 30 published books translated into several different languages around the world, Yvonne has positioned herself as a leader in empowering families toward self-responsibility.Parenting with Love Coach

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