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Author Alesia Shute, Everything's Okay

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Everything's Okay
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When Alesia Shute was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 7, her life and the life of everyone in her family quickly changed course. She faced six major surgeries never before tested on a child; and although she was at the steady hands of former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop, the outcome of these radical procedures was yet unknown.

Though she endured these and many more minor surgeries, countless hours of pain, and months of hospitalization, her challenges did not end there. Alesia still had to face living in the wake of cancer’s path.

Everything’s Okay is her story of survival that details not only her recovery, but also her struggles through school, boys, marriage, and pregnancy. Her book includes the sadness that one would expect, but also the laughter and triumphs that inspire hope and perseverance in those challenged by any life-changing event.

All of the profits from Alesia’s book go towards the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the very place she fought her own battle and won.

Thank you Alesia for taking the time to answer some questions for us!  To start, please tell us about the latest project you've worked on. 

I just finished my book Everything's Okay about my childhood fight against cancer and subsequent life in its wake.

How has your background affected your writing career?

This particular story is about me, my life and battle with cancer. Because of what I have been through, my past brought me on this journey and this writing process. It has given me a reason to live, write, and to give back.  The profits from my book go to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where I fought my battle.

Do you also do speaking engagements, or seminars? 

Yes, I do!

Is there any aspect to your profession that gets you in touch with your readers directly?

I have been in the people business all of my life. My husband and I ran restaurants and night clubs for years. My way of writing connects me with the regular Joe. I have a unique way to speak to the reader with ease and make them feel comfortable with a very uncomfortable subject.

Who inspires you on a personal or business level?

Aggressive kind of people inspire me. People who go out and make things happen like my husband, Cliff, and my publisher Corey.  I have been blessed with surrounding myself with kind and caring people throughout my life.

What type of work is the most rewarding or satisfying for you?

Giving back. Helping others, and caring for my family.

What can you recommend for writers who are just getting started and are trying to make a name for themselves?

If writing is what you want to do, stick with it. Stay focused. Look for help, but be cautious. Don’t trust everyone, but lean on those you can trust.

How did you get started as a writer?

I just always wanted to write a book about my life. I knew I had a story to tell. I decided to give it a try, but was lucky enough to have encouragement from my family and find the right people.

Which is your favorite book/work published? Is there a favorite?

I have many!  My Sisters Keeper, Da Vinci Code, Angles and Demons…I love to read but I’m very versatile in my choices.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

We sold our businesses, restaurant and nightclubs a few years ago, and so now I focus solely on my writing and caring for our home everyday.

I eat breakfast, go to the gym, and get some household chores done first thing in the morning. Then at home, I sit down at the computer for a few hours to write and work on the progression of my book. The day sort of cycles this way until it’s time for dinner. Even right before I go to bed. I check the computer to see if I have any more written work or emails that need to be answered.

Finally, a most important question: what was the last song you sang out loud when you were by yourself?  :)

R. Kelly’s I Believe I can Fly!

Thank you Alesia! We wish you ongoing success with your inspiring book  Everything's Okay!

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